Welcome Home

Like Vassar, the Nation’s Capital is a diverse place full of unique thoughts, characters, aspiring world leaders, and inspiring life stories. DC has a rich variety of theaters, restaurants, museums, and is a national center for the arts. It is home to embassies, the federal government, countless lobbying, law and political firms, and scores of nonprofits. Like Vassar, DC is a beautiful, engaging place with friendly, creative, and always interesting people. Not surprisingly, it is also home to thousands of Vassar alums.

Founded in 1887, the Vassar Club of Washington, DC, serves thousands of alums. It was originally created for DC and the South but now serves DC exclusively, connecting graduates to each other and to the college they love. In 1891 the Washington Branch of the Vassar Students Aid Society was founded separately to raise scholarship funds for local students who wanted to attend Vassar. In this way, both alumnae and enrolled students were accommodated in DC. Later this club was absorbed by the Vassar Club of DC which now serves both populations.

Today the Club hosts a wide range of innovative programs throughout the city. We bring members of Vassar’s esteemed faculty to DC for readings and lecture series. We work with the clubs of other elite colleges and universities, allowing Vassar graduates to meet peers and form new friendships. Perhaps most importantly, the Club organizes career discussions and other events with Vassar alums leaders in various industries, giving VCDC members valuable networking and professional development opportunities.


The mission of the Vassar Club of Washington, DC, (VCDC) is to lead the alums who live or work in Washington, DC, in advancing the interests of Vassar College. VCDC will be relevant to its alums and to Vassar College by sustaining a sense of community, maintaining traditions, sharing resources, fostering connections and encouraging a lifelong desire to learn.